MoshPit Bar, Erskineville

Sun, 21 Mar 2021, 7:00 PM AEDT
Sydney, Australia
#metal #noise #rock



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Please join us at Stormin’ The Pit at the Moshpit in Newtown for a night of heavy music and non stop headbanging. We bring you some of the best bands the local scene has to offer in this  awesome show that will also be live-streamed. The gig will feature four Sydney metal bands;  Dead Creation, By the Horns, SVLEM and Visualis as headliners. 


Visualis is a metal band from Sydney Australia. They started in late 2017, aiming for a heavy  sound that wouldn’t shy away from any metal genres, and that could symbolise the members’  varied musical tastes and cultural backgrounds (Irish, Serbian, Mexican, Australian.) Taking  influences from the likes of classic heavy metal to european doom. Since then they have been  constantly gigging in the Sydney-Wollongong area and writing new material. They released their  first single “Delirium” in January 2020, and are currently in the process of recording what will be  their debut EP “Sunrise in Black”, aimed to be released in mid 2021. 


SVLEM is a Sydney-based alternative metal band that is bound to put a spell on you, by  unleashing high energy, high impact and a hell of a time. 

By the Horns  

By the horns is a metal band from Sydney that established in mid 2014, influenced by the likes  of Killswitch Engage, Trivium, Pantera and Bury Tomorrow. They combine heavy guitar riffage  with harmonies and solos, funky bass grooves and tight, technical drumming to create a unique  sound of their own. In 2015 By The Horns recorded an EP which preceded a number of gigs  around NSW. While currently performing as an instrumental 4-piece, the band are seeking a  vocalist to fill their lineup and complete their long awaited full length album! 

Dead Creation  

Dead Creation are an electrifying thrash metal 3 piece from Sydney, Australia. Singer and lead  guitarist, Kam Nikpour began his career busking at The Hub in Newtown. Watch his ascension as  Dead Creation go on the war path. Known for their wild stage antics and shredding solos, Dead  Creation have cemented their spot as an Australian Thrash heavyweight.



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