MoshPit Bar, Erskineville

Sat, 13 Aug 2022, 8:30 PM
Sydney, Australia
#alternative #heavy #metal #rock


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    The perfect blend of thrash and groove, and a touch of chilli powder will bring you the concoction of Thraxas! Influenced by heavy hitters such as Lamb of God, Machine Head, Pantera, Dream Theatre and Cannibal Corpse, Thraxas! brings something for everyone, for all tastes of metal. Recently releasing their debut EP “Planetary Terrorism”, Thraxas! have delved into a new era of metal and bringing you a diverse and killer performance.

    Out of the combined lethal forces of Kristian Capuozzolo (bass/vocals) Rob Favotto (guitars) and Nate Barnes (drums)/ Hari Rana (live drums) were born Burn The Highway, a powerhouse of high energy that can power major cities.

    Burn The Highway's influences are quite varied from Metal, Punk, Pop, and Hip Hop which creates a hybrid sound. Kristian and Rob write and record together at their home studio Hollywood Hitman studios Australia.

    Then they will send completed songs to session Drummer Nate Barnes in the USA to lay down drum tracks. For live shows, Hari Rana will be on the drums. Musically we write without concept or genre in mind. After the music is written, the music will describe the vibe and steer the direction lyrically.

    There are a lot of influences which does reflect the sound. Kristian is into Pop punk, hip hop, and also metal. Rob is into Iron Maiden and also traditional Indian and Japanese music. This has brought out a different perspective musically.

    The album goes in every direction, we are not afraid to vocally or musically sound different in each song. We want to change gears for each song not be stuck in first gear. Rock, metal, punk, and ballads it's all there.

    Kristian and Rob's chemistry is no-ego creative freedom with no limitations. We write with no genre in mind or concept, we get along so well because it's all about the end result. When we found Hari to drum for us live it all fell into place.

    Kristian is the lyricist in the band, he's very creative also with his bass lines. Rob's guitar playing serves the song and it's not about shredding guitar to get the spotlight. Nate is a highly respected session Drummer who gives the songs just what they need no overplay. Hari Rana is creative and stable when it comes to live drums.


    Shockwave is a Canberra based heavy metal band. Fairly new to the scene and made up of current and former members of other respected local metal bands. The band is currently working towards making a debut album while still performing live around different Australian cities. Our live performances have been described as highly entertaining and energetic as we aim to leave a shockwave after each performance.




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