The Siren of Silence // Troy Zarb // Cassie Workman

MoshPit Bar, Erskineville

Thu, 26 Nov 2020, 8:00 PM
Sydney, Australia
#cinematic #experimental #folk #indie


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    A night of yanked heart-strings, dredged repressed child-hood memories with a dash of humour.
    The Siren of Silence: Bleak, neo-classical folk-rock within which the Siren explores the anguishes of the body, heart and mind. Sonically manifested in the magic of classically-trained piano and a voice of Celtic honey. She sings for you of love, heartache, bliss and abject sorrow, evoking in you and connecting with the emotions you would normally ignore. Welcome to the beautiful sound of the endless abyss.
    Troy Zarb: You might remember Troy from Inner-West pirate punk band, Scarlet's Revenge. Troy's solo show comprises of gritty Americana with a strong rockabilly backdrop where he signs songs about murder, being boozed up and being broke.
    Cassie Workman: Part comedienne, part sonic emotion-stabber, all fabulous. She has a direct line to human emotion and she's calling collect. If you haven't seen Cassie get your eyes checked and try again. If you haven't heard Cassie? Well, I'd like to quote Jane Austen when I say, "I pity the fool!". There is a certain comfort in my relationship with the reaper when Cassie sings, "Without love you will die". Yes I will Cassie... yes... i... will...



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