MoshPit Bar, Erskineville

Thu, 02 Jun 2022, 8:00 PM
Sydney, Australia
#indie #rock #rock 'n' roll


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    The Fünf are rocking The Moshpit on Thursday the 2nd of June. Come see the Fünf play their first headlining set alongside support acts 'The Jam Sandwiches' and 'Salted Ham'. The Fünf have been devising some new material ready to be consumed by ears. Become a part of The Fünf legacy. See you there.

    The Fünf are a 5-piece rock band based in Sydney’s Inner West. With heavy influences of 70s soft rock outfits being paired with contemporary alt-rock sounds, The Fünf boast variety and pleasant unpredictability in their catalog of music.

    The Jam Sandwiches are an up and coming inner-west based rock band, specialising in hard rock, psychedelia and progressive music. All four members draw from varying influences to create unique, well... Jams! They have been meticulously crafting new and exciting music over the course of the lockdown, mixing genres and styles, preparing them for release. With such an enormous range their spectacular live shows are bound to impress.

    Salted Ham consists of six directionless men who are friends first, bandmates second and musicians last. Their music is inspired by delusion and influenced by drugs and alcohol. Fans describe Salted Ham's live performances as "loud" and "I didn't think they would be that good." Featuring lead singer Hamish, lead drummer Ben, lead bassist Cj, lead pianist Riley, lead rhythm guitarist Will and lead lead guitarist Adam.



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