The Doe and the Scapegoat // KEN LOH // Ålibii // STEPH WOOD

MoshPit Bar, Erskineville

Fri, 11 Sep 2020, 8:00 PM
Sydney, Australia
#indie #pop #prog #rock


Shout The Doe and the Scapegoat // KEN LOH // Ålibii // STEPH WOOD

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The Doe and the Scapegoat 

The Doe and the Scapegoat are an energetic psych-rock band from Sydney. Most commonly distinguished by their twangy guitar riffs, collaborative vocals and the ultimate trifecta of trumpet perfection, some would go as far as describing their sounds as the love child of dark emotions bursting at the seams and the need for repression, delivered in such a way that allows for the layered instrumentation to speak for itself.
Ken Loh
Characterised by his raw vocals and story-telling songwriting, Ken Loh is a 24-year-old Sydney-based Singaporean singer/songwriter with deep interests in indie folk and indie rock music. Ken never intended to pursue a career in music until he chanced upon busking in 2015. This unassuming platform galvanised his debut 6-track EP, songs about them. This EP was recorded and produced by Edric Hwang of GRYD Studios in 2017. Since then, Ken has taken time off to pursue a music degree in Sydney. Inspired by the likes of Gregory Alan Isakov, Jason Isbell, Matt Corby, Damien Rice, Bon Iver & Ben Howard, Ken croons with a grainy lower register tone, writing music with ardent fervour and impassioned sentiment.


A collaboration project between a female singer-songwriter with influences of Lana Del Rey & Billie Eilish and a male multi-instrumentalist with influences from Muse, Sticky Fingers & Red Hot Chilli Peppers, coming together to produce a mixed genre of dream pop and alternate rock.

Will (23) and Court (20), after meeting studying music and gigging around Sydney, use a stripped back approach with a electric guitar, a loop pedal and two vocals to pull off their originals in a live setting.

Steph wood 

Steph wood is a 23 year old singer-song writer, performer inspired by strong female writers such as Hope Sandoval and Stevie Nicks. She tells her story through melancholic songs that have the ability to pluck the hearts strings. Steph encapsulates her vision of the world and personal experiences which shine through in her writing and performance. Steph has discovered her dark alternative sound by blending folk like story telling with atmospheric productions



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