MoshPit Bar, Erskineville

Sun, 09 May 2021, 7:00 PM AEDT
Sydney, Australia
#blues #country #garage #pop #rock


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    The return of the fantabulous line up of the killer blues rock The Cloud Surfers, the enigmatic folk blues-rock Dr TAOS & The Disorderlies and the amazing Fleur Wiber with her band playing live and live streaming at Moshpit for their 4th birthday bash!

    The Cloud Surfers

    “WOW! With almost a Nutri-Bullet blend of Carole King, Suzi Quatro and The Bangles; Briana mesmerises us as much with her captivating smile as she does with her synapse impressing tone and voice. The Cloud Surfers bring fun energy and a sweat increasing groove to the stage that was infectiously raunchy.

    But just when you’ve fallen in love with Bree’; Tim steps forward and absolutely floors you with his ability to crown the vocal curve. Holy Shit Batman: these ‘guys’ are great!

    Music for boys and girls, couples and singles, parties and cleaning at home with your fluffy animal slippers on realising how great life is and seeing only good in everything.

    I can’t fault them, only praise them and encourage all of you to catch a ride with: The Cloud Surfers.”

    Review by The Music Producer


    Dr TAOS & The Disorderlies

    Bringing you the elixir of life – musical pills to cure your ills!

    “I have to say that the new album “Dr TAOS” is brilliant. This album is a must get!” The Songsmith.

    International touring and recording musician Dr TAOS is wowing audiences around the world with his enigmatic folk blues-rock! He has released two albums “Dr TAOS” and “Darkness & Light”, an EP and several singles to great acclaim, gaining radio airplay worldwide.

    Back in the studio, Dr TAOS has been recording the next new album with his full band and will be releasing the first single “Holy Grail” soon in 2021. Playing with his band, The Disorderlies, do not miss his dynamic live shows!

    “And it is Dr TAOS’ voice that is Dr TAOS’ secret weapon – in all of popular music a strong song, put across by a truly affecting voice is an irresistible one-two punch. Add to this the songwriter singing his own songs, with all the drama, depth and nuance conveyed and that one-two becomes a triple whammy.”



    Fleur Wiber

    Dreamy, lofi, country rock. Inspired by artists such as Wilco, Andrew Bird and Fiona Apple, Fleur Wiber has recently joined forces with other awesome musicians to transform her music from a softer folk sound to an alt country ensemble with fuzzy guitars and drums. Fleur’s sound is reminiscent of artists such as Sharon Van Etten, Lucy Wainwright Roche and Cat Power. Through her gypsy travels, Fleur has written songs, which explore freedom,

    mindfulness, love and the concept of self. Eternally inspired by the aesthetics of folk music, Fleur is

    dedicated to the community aspect of music performance. She loves to perform small, intimate shows.

    Get your tickets now for the live show or online livestream, as there will be only 40 seats at the gig for the

    live show, in house at Moshpit! $12 for the livestream and $15 for live seating venue tickets.



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