MoshPit Bar, Erskineville

Fri, 18 Sep 2020, 8:00 PM
Sydney, Australia
#indie #prog #rock



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Svntax Error return to the Moshpit, Friday, September 18th for an eve of Theremin laden, psychedelic, shoe-gaze, post-rock.
Svntax Error are a four piece Sydney guitar band that might strike some as post-rock, others as psychedelic and still others as the last outpost of a darker kind of Prog. This all-of-the-above comes from each member bringing their own unique sensibility to the music.
Most of their pieces are born out of improvising and letting those disparate influences create friction against each other, which leads to either harsh combustion or new and strange mutations. The music blurs spontaneity with composition, melody with noise, chaos with structure, light with shade.
Svntax Error are always an immersive experience.
Svntax Error’s debut album ‘Message’ is now available from pretty much everywhere. Link below.
Joining them will be the captivating Wahoo Ghost with their recent addition Michael on Bass.
Sydney band Wahoo Ghost craft a captivating sound that’s undeniably their own; a sound which could best be described as psychedelic blues tinged indie rock. Sometimes it’s raw and gritty; sometimes mysterious and atmospheric. Their songs range from anthemic to ambient and are interlaced with dark poetry, strong melodies and space. And beneath the dreamy vocals, haunting guitar textures, and infectious beats, you may get the feeling there lies something much darker and sinister about Wahoo Ghost…



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