The Old 505 Theatre

Thu, 22 Oct 2020, 8:30 PM AEDT

A new ensemble led by double bassist Jacques Emery which features close collaborators Novak Manojlovic on piano and keyboards and Thomas Avgenicos on trumpet and effects.

The trio’s unique drummer-less instrumentation creates a chamber music ambience, allowing plenty of breathing space for each player’s unique sound. Walls of ambient texture augmented by electronics sit alongside delicate acoustic refrains, and the trio’s dynamic explorations always cohere into intriguing forms.

Reflecting a variety of musical experiences, Emery’s compositions and arrangements are indebted to the African American jazz tradition and modernist classical music as much as dream pop and outsider house.

As individuals, the three musicians have received a myriad of prestigious awards and accolades including the Freedman Fellowship, Henderson Travellers’ Scholarship, the BBM Youth Support Award and recognition as finalists in the National Jazz Awards competition. Having experience in domestic and international spheres, Soft Attack is an outlet for each of their idiosyncratic approaches to music making.



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