MoshPit Bar, Erskineville

Fri, 21 Oct 2022, 8:30 PM
Sydney, Australia
#alternative #punk #rock



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MoshPit Bar hosts a huge night of hard rock, grunge and punk!
Simple Stone are a 3 piece heavy rock band from Sydney Australia. They scream the blend of hard rock riffing and anthemic chorus hooks that beg you to sing along with gusto. Growing up on the Sydney landscape, the band cut its teeth in the local pub scene before expanding throughout the country earning themselves the respect and reputation of a hard working touring rock band. This 3 piece are the real deal with solid beats, driving guitars and tunes that just won’t quit. Simple Stone bring an energy to the stage that radiates from the core of their singles Crashing Down, Hands & Losing You from their album Chronicles Of A Faded Heart that will leave you wanting more.
“We are here to rock your world, we are here to steal the show” the opening lines of UPSIDE DOWN MISS JANE’s iconic song “Let’s Rock”. And rock is what they do and they do it very well. Established in 2005 in Sydney this 5 piece band will fill your head with memorable riffs and sing along choruses.
NASCENT’s hard hitting rock line up is energetic yet dynamic. Performing Tim Godwin’s solo work, with a collection of collaborations with band members: Jacob Dewberry, Armitage Shanks, and DanL McLachlan. The band has roots in, Newcastle, Sydney & The New England utilizing technology to exchange ideas and meeting in Newcastle to rehearse, and generally hang. The sound draws from heavier grunge, (think Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana) but broadens as far as synth pop and industrial metal (Think Trent Reznor, Manson and Gary Numan), NASCENT is a truly original and vibrant live act, blending live drums, big guitars, analog synth and powerful vocals. The bands’ debut track ‘CORONA KILLED ROCK’ out 22 April, adds to singers long catalogue of recorded work, under his own name, The Social Norm, various projects and collaborations. The band is touring the east coast in spring ‘22 and plans to drop several more singles before embarking on a full length LP.



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