MoshPit Bar, Erskineville

Thu, 24 Mar 2022, 7:30 PM AEDT
Sydney, Australia
#indie #pop #rock


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    Santino is a songwriter based in Sydney (Australia), with Sicilian blood running through his veins.
    Best known as an “outside of the box entertainer”.
    His music embraces a vast range of genres such as Rock-Pop, Indie-Rock, that will touch your souls for the depth of his lyrics, in which he tells the story of his brightest and darkest sides of his inner-self.
    Wherever you see him, he will call your attention with his unique style – the strong colours, hats, big glasses, and liveliness that make him stand out from the crowd. Santino has a unique magic with people - he expresses this beautiful gift of humanity, affection and friendship through his music, to which he has been strongly dedicated since the first day he picked the guitar.
    By 2016, he formed the band “The 24hrs To Wonderland’’ with former drummer Piergiorgio Mazzi.
    The current line-up of Wonderlanders is Piergiorgio Mazzi (drums, Noa Kidd (Guitar), and Jayden Earnshaw (Bass).
    During the Sydney lockdown he self-produced his third EP “stories for winter EP”.
    2022 is set up with so much on the way! Looks like Santino will shift sound with his new release "What A Frustration": a punch in the guts, with an energetic and refreshing sound!

    Democratic People Republic of Surf
    is a single-party state governed by surf rock’n’roll. A population of 6 and growing, the nation produces some of the finest pop hits about all the waves they don’t catch. Although major exports include barrels and hang-tens, the country’s economy remains virtually non-existent. Inspiration for the small surf nation rolls in from a range of places including Beach Boys and King Gizz, so the forecast is usually pop melodies with a huge chance of riffs. With their second full-length album due in 2022, the constitution prescribes universal waves and good times, so all visitors are strongly advised to paddle on down.
    All Her Years
    All her years is a tip of the hat to all the unknown that came before, all hiding in the Tundras currently and for those waiting to come out of the night.
    Zac Sellars
    Singer-Songwriter Zac Sellars began his journey as a musician at the young age of 4 when he received his first guitar. As he began to grow, both in age and ability, he made the transition from musician to recording artist in August of 2020 when he released “Something” with Swedish Producer ‘Dashlove’.
    At just 19 years old, Sydney singer-songwriter Zac Sellars is crafting melodic, acoustic songs of such personable clarity that it belies his youth.





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