Music@ StreetMarket, Crows Nest

Sat, 06 Jun 2020, 8:00 PM
Crows Nest, Sydney, Australia
#blues #rock


Shout! Ric Herbert Band

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The Get Rich Band know how to throw a party & play your favourite songs from Otis Redding to Joe Cocker & the Rolling Stones – this is an invitation to cut loose, let rip, get lost, find yourself and have a rockin’ great time!

Ric Herbert is known for his work as lead singer with Matt Finish, and experiencing Ric’s vocal professionalism will be a treat. His astonishing career has included work as a voice-over artist and actor in Hollywood blockbuster King Kong, and many other films and television shows like; Rescue Special Ops, Underbelly 2, Home and Away, Wild Side, All Saints, Police Rescue, The Young Doctors, .. this list gets longer ladies & gentleman.

Don’t miss this opportunity for an up-close & personal live stream performance on your device!

Please remember these concerts are the only available income stream for working musicians. You can shout Ric and his band a tip during the gig.



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