MoshPit Bar, Erskineville

Sun, 10 Jul 2022, 7:00 PM
Sydney, Australia



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Three killer bands bring energy, aggression and good times for The HOWLING Pt. 2 Virescent opening, followed by T-Rex Autopsy and headlining is Reaver!

Reaver: A five-piece thrash attack straight out of Sydney, NSW. Bringing chaotic energy to every stage they wreak havoc upon.

T- Rex Autopsy: With a guiding principle there are a million ways to be heavy and dubbed by some as “World Metal” “T-Rex Autopsy” is a progressive metal band from Sydney Australia with an eclectic mix of influences. The multi-instrumentalists incorporate Near Eastern folk traditions/instruments into their sound. Their live shows are high energy affairs; members have been known to break bones on stage.

Virescent: The most energetic band you have seen. Virescent, formed in 2017 with founding members Shaun (vocals) and Bails (Guitar) first joined by Bryce (Drums) then Blaze (Bass). In the three years before COVID hit the world, Virescent honed their craft. Playing shows and writing original music that resulted in their debut album “Untold Hate” released April 10th 2021. Currently, as the pandemic is loosening it’s hold on the music scene. Virescent is showing their new and improved skills, honed during the pandemic to bring new music and a crazier live show to everyone they can.



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