Live on MoshPit TV

Recorded live from MoshPit Bar
on Sun, 20 Sep 2020

Sydney, Australia
#funk #metal #rock

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Pink Øctopus is a 3-piece Funk Metal/Alternative Rock band from Sydney, Australia. The band started in early 2018 when Matt, Raff and Benny met each other at a Primus concert at The Enmore Theatre in Sydney. In the weeks that followed, the boys got together for an experimental jam after discovering their similar musical tastes and ambitions. The music flowed effortlessly; it had only taken 5 minutes to realise that they had something special. The song “Doggie” was born in that first jam. In July of 2020 Pink Øctopus released their self-titled EP. All of the songs featured on the record were recorded and mixed by the band in their home-studio.



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