MOSHPIT BAR, Erskineville

Fri, 13 Nov 2020, 8:00 PM AEDT
Newtown, Sydney, Australia
#punk #rock



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Great Southern Nights and the MoshPit Bar present: Nunchukka Superfly and Rubber Necker.


Rising from the ashes from then newly defunct punk-metal-pop titans The Hard-ons, Nunchukka Superfly provided a supreme example of career left-turn, as Blackie and Ray from the aforementioned Hard-ons set about creating a shape-shifting and genre-busting force of a band.

Armed to the teeth with brilliantly muscular rhythm and neck-snapping dynamics, the enigmatic three-piece Nunchukka Superfly are psychedelic storm-troopers of your nightmares.

Prepare thyself to be at once caressed, pummeled and entranced by Nunchukka Superfly.

RUBBER NECKER is a spanking 4 piece blasting outta Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs / Inner West:
Garage Art Punk/ Psycho New Wave at it’s best, their very first song ‘I was a weird playground in the Ukraine’ set a template for the cathartic high-energy beat and articulately skewed lyrical vision at the bands creative dark heart.
[You may hear echoes of The Fall, X-ray Spex, and Wire in the sound list tickers but you’ll survive].
Get ready Rubber Neckers, Rubber Necker is gonna neck ya!



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