MoshPit Bar, Erskineville

Sun, 29 Nov 2020, 6:00 PM
Sydney, Australia
#blues #experimental #rock #soul



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MACHINISO Band Bio Formed in 2007… Machiniso is a collaboration involving a host of Sydney musicians. After a break, the original line-up has reformed in 2020, adding guitar to an already unique sound. Influenced by cinema, burlesque, evil doers and dangerous honey pots, Machiniso are a unique cocktail of sounds that go to the head. Blues, soul, swing and rock are the ingredients. Machiniso is Sinemascope… they’re vampires and gangsters, hucksters and hustlers, swingers and beatniks. I suppose you’d like to meet them: Rich D’Addona: Founded Machiniso as a multimedia show. Rich swapped the computer for drum kit and percussion. His electro/acoustic TRIAGE collaboration with Dave Smith morphed into Machiniso. Jimmy Vargas: A fine vocalist with croon-abilities straight out of the 40s and 50s. Jimmy is also the lyricist for Machiniso and is no stranger to being embroiled in CIA/Masonic/vampire plots. Scott Leishman: Moving from bass to guitar, Scott has played with some of Australia’s finest blues and funk bands. He’s cool when the crowds get wild and hot when the band needs a solo. David Smith: Machiniso’s signature sound is down to the vibraphone of Dave. Paired with the guitar of Leishman, the band has entered a new phase. Andrew Fatseas: Andrew has newly joined the re-energised Machiniso. He’s played in various Sydney bands, including his own combos, and is not afraid to rock out if required. Versatile. Rod Herbert: A musician and teacher, Rod plays in Triage and has also joined this band. His bass trombone and tuba sound is both powerful and full of soul. Guests: Sydney has some great instrumentalists and performers who make guest appearances with the band.



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