Los Romeos Oxidados have been playing their rowdy, raucous yet eminently danceable rockabilly/country music around Sydney’s Inner West for many a year, formerly in the guise of The Rusty Romeos who could often be found at the old Lansdowne Hotel rockabilly nights and the infamous Pismo Bar and Max’s at the old Petersham Inn Hotel.


Over the past few years Los Romeos Oxidados have been gracing Inner West venues with regular gigs at the likes of The Gasoline Pony, The Butcher’s Brew Bar, the Marrickville Bowling Club, and so on.  Since COVID-19 put an end to live music as we know it, they have taken to streaming and so now find themselves teaming up with Gig Stream Live to take their best hour’s worth of music into your living rooms.


The current lineup comprises:

Tim Fleming (vocals)

Dom O’Donnell (rhythm guitar) & John Pye (bass) both from country swing band, Out of Nowhere

Ged Corben (guitar and lap steel) formerly with the Lime Spiders and Cruel Sea

Ian Little (guitar and lap steel) & Joe Breen (drums) both formerly with the Bam Balams.


Also joining us for the event will be John Gauci (keyboards), leader of the superb soul review band, Johnny G & the E-types.



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