Lisa Richards

Driving Me Crazy Single Launch

Gigstream Live

Sun, 31 May 2020, 11:00 AM

With a voice described as both ferocious and sweet and a percussive guitar style, Lisa Richards writes songs of longing, loss, love and hope, borrowing from the traditions of folk, blues and jazz while carving out her own musical corner of the world. 

“Richards is a simple yet powerful songwriter who has beautifully encapsulated the intricacies of the human condition.”  The Australian 

“Lisa Richards is a power pack and full-on surprise package. A singer songwriter on top of her game, captured the full attention of the audience. You could hear the hearts beating and the feet keeping time.”  Michael Fine Troubadour Folk Club Australia

“A captivating performer with a sly wit and an uncanny ability to touch every heart in the room while giving the intellect something to chew on. A songwriter’s songwriter!”  Peter Cutler, Fiddlers Crossing California



Driving Me Crazy is the first single from the upcoming sixth Album “I Got A Story” from  Australian singer and songwriter Lisa Richards.  It embodies the simplicity of the blues where your body sways and the upbeat vibe of the music doesn’t immediately reveal the darkness underneath.

This is Lisa’s second release since moving back to Australia from Austin, Texas and once again she returned to the USA to record.  This time, New York City to record with Tim Bright.

“Tim and I first worked together on my debut release, ‘Not Quite So Low’, then three albums later we did ‘Mad Mad Love’ and co-wrote half that album together.  We completed recording this new one on November 18th 2019 which seems like an eternity ago, given all that has transpired since then.  I lived in the USA for so long that it seemed logical to me to work with people I know and trust and have history with. So I combined tour dates in the USA with recording this new album in New York, which was, in retrospect, crazy. This recording was completed with partial support from ArtsACT for which I am very grateful.”

And yes, these past few months have been enough to drive anyone crazy.

“I’m in Canberra, where the smoke from the bushfires stole December to Feb.  We had the worst air quality in the world, shops were shut and you could not go outside because the air was unbreathable. This quickly morphed into our current Covid 19 situation where we have all been isolating for a month and the fear has shifted. Fear of the disease, but also, people in volatile relationships are stuck in close quarters, family violence is on the rise, and I know from past experience that abuse in relationships comes in many forms and there is a complex intertwining of gaslighting, domestic violence and the normality of life. It’s a literal craziness that becomes normalised. “I read a travel magazine while I’m waiting for the doctor to see me”

So if you need support, reach out. Do a web search. Pick up the phone. Don’t stay in isolation and craziness.

“a tour de force of unflinching and honest writing”  David Costello Brisbane Courier Mail
“a truly stunning piece of narrative art” — Rhythms Magazine
“Singer Songwriter returns to Australia to make her best album”— Lucky Oceans Radio National
“Stunning, crystal clear voice….. exquisite”   Austin American Statesman



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