Recorded live from MoshPit Bar
on Sat, 01 May 2021

Sydney, Australia

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Things got weird on May Day (that’s Saturday May 1) when Jupiter 5 touched down at Sydney’s premier dive bar The Mosh Pit.

Fresh from recording sessions for their debut album, Jupiter 5 inflict a small but stinging taste of things to come with the release of the single, “H Bomb”, on seven inches of vinyl, plus limited numbers on CD. With links to the Psychotic Turnbuckles, Hitmen DTK, Conspirators, 69BC and Thurston Howlers, Jupiter 5 have been searing ears and bending minds in and around Sydney for almost two years. “H-Bomb” and its flip “Supersonic Hero” are both prime examples of the Jupiter 5 approach: Heavy ‘70s rifferama colliding with ‘60s garage punk snot and lashings of acid-induced psychedlia.



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