MoshPit Bar, Erskineville

Sat, 07 May 2022, 3:00 PM AEDT
Sydney, Australia
#alternative #garage #indie #rock


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    Goldfish Smarts are based out of Sydney’s Northern Beaches. They’re a classic rock line up with a twist; drums, bass, two guitars, vocals and a harmonica contribution that will blow your mind.

    Each band member brings a depth of musical influence which can been heard in the wide range of original songs. The music is characterised by a driving rhythm section with very cool bass motifs layered under some serious guitar work that features prominently in the mix. The vocals are raw and earthy, and match well with lyrics that feature many observations of society, a bit like a goldfish looking at the world beyond its little bowl. The harmonica inlayed throughout the songs delivers everything from haunting instalments to raucous competition with the guitar solos.

    The new EP, “In The Red” will be released on Friday May 6th 2022.

    The band has now recorded and released 15 singles and a 5 track EP and achieved critical acclaim. Bethany Page of Vents Magazine wrote “the writing structure is

    herky-jerky, catchy, abstract and it begs for re-listens” while John McCall of Too Much Love magazine said “the band is anything but conventional and you find yourself settling into the full sonic power and layering very quickly”. McCall sums up the band when he wrote “you can just feel the sense of brotherly camaraderie between them in what feels almost like a high-class version of a jam session”.

    Out of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Speaking Of Which are four guys with some serious musical chops, groove and party attitude. Think alternative rock, mixed with a bit of reggae and the occasional surprising trombone solo. Their first single Eskimo was released in early 2021 and there are new works…in the works.

    Hailing from the beaches of the Mid-North Coast to the share houses of Sydney's Inner-West, The Minties are a four-piece rock band that’s been kicking around since 2019. With a blend of bluesy leads, syncopated rhythms, and eclectic vocals, The Minties different influences fight to create a unique style of New-Age Australian rock, with tracks governed by a deep love for blues and funk.




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