MoshPit Bar, Erskineville

Fri, 24 Jul 2020, 8:00 PM
Sydney, Australia
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First things first, let’s not confuse Garry David with being a solo act. For the uninitiated, Garry David is a 5 piece Sydney band that have been in existence since 2001. These days, they consist of the following members;

Michael Corey – guitar

Stanley Claret – bass

Bob Blunt – vocals

Trent Modern – guitar

Terence Van Stee/Dale Moore – drums 

There’s some pedigree in this lineup as well. Both Claret and Corey played together in Whopping Big Naughty while Claret is still in The Momos, Modern is still in the Holy Soul, Van Stee was in Examplehead and is still in The Baddies, while Blunt fronts Beijing Bikini and is also known for his writing exploits – i.e. Blunt: A Biased History of Australian Rock (local music tome on the growth of independent music in the 1980s and 1990s)which was published by Prowling Tiger Press in 2001, plus The Year My Hair Fell Out (a tale of working and living in South Korea) which was published by Blunt himself.

The band has independently released three albums;

2002 – Australia’s Nelson Mandela

2009 – A Long Walk to Sodom

2019 – The Full Nelson

All three releases are available on bandcamp

Garry David are known for their staunch independent ethos and this is reflected not only in the back catalogue but also in their highly irreverent and authentic live performances. Having played around Sydney for some time now, they have garnered a loyal following. The band have grown up on a diet of DIY music ranging from local icons The Saints, feedtime, Venom P Stinger, to The Fall, Pop Group and Pere Ubu. That’s not to say the band are stylised or restricted by such references either. They have shared the stage more recently with Kim Salmon and the Scientists, 20 Guilders (Japan), Paul Kidney Experience, to name a few.

They can also be reached at

Small Town Incident are a 3 piece rock band. This band have pedigree with all members previously coming from some of Sydney’s finest and not so finest bands.

Darren Skelsey – Further/Tweezer/Captain Nemo

Gordon Kovacs – Golden Mean/Midget

Keith Hamlyn – Midget/Meat Cake/Shark Arm

Last year the band released their second full length album “Songs of Distant Earth” which takes off where the first long player “Malcontent” left off. Both releases are available via bandcamp.

Here is a review of ‘Songs of Distant Earth’ by Bob Blunt (author of Blunt: A Biased History of Australian Rock – published in 2001 by Prowling Tiger Press)

Small Town Incident – ‘Songs of Distant Earth’ Logjammin 02

First, the artwork. It grabs you and it’s no surprise that Glenno did it. How well has he captured the sadly lamented Olympia Milk Bar, once on Parramatta Road (Stanmore). A lost relic that many of us frequented/saw up until its inevitable demise. In fact, once you start listening to the album, w/song titles like ‘That Pub Was Ours’, ‘Drinking in the Cheese Aisle’ and ‘Mud in the Beach House’ you get the feeling that there is a yearning for what was.

The one thing I do love about this local three piece is the way they sculpt a song. Moving from the fragile eerie beginnings then clever sequent time changes of ‘Simpson Desert’, to the anger and relentlessness of the title track – this record keeps you guessing . Both ex Midget members Keith Hamlyn (bass) and Gordon Kovacs (guitar) do a great job on the vocals w/Darren Skelsey (ex Tweezer/Further) as solid as ever.

For more info hit these links;

Small Town Incident play their first online plague show on the 24th of July supporting friends Garry David for MoshPit TV – tickets are available via



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