Music@ StreetMarket, Crows Nest

Sat, 04 Jul 2020, 8:00 PM
Crows Nest, Sydney, Australia
#funk #jazz #rock #soul



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Music@ StreetMarket presents


The Flashy Dash-backs, an epic new Organ Trio project from the mind of Clayton Doley (Mighty Reapers, The Hands, Renee Geyer) Inspired by the 60’s Soul-Jazz Boogaloo movement, The Flashy Dash-Backs will delve into Clayton’s quirky blues and soul originals as well as some classic Jazz and Blues standards that will have you groovin’ in your chair or up and dancing to their soulful organic sounds. Prepare to be dazzled!

From Jimmy Barnes to the Mighty Reapers, Clayton is a highly respected musician who has mastered the Art of the Hammond. Get into the Groove of Doley.

From the Edinburgh Festival, Chicago, all the way to M@SM, guest Ray Beadle is winner of the Sydney Blues Society 2007 Performer of the Year Competition, Ray has been invited to play with Renee Geyer, The Foreday Riders, The Hippos & was a headlining act for the 2011 Australian Blues Music Festival.

“Clayton Doley understands the groove to a T – Booker T, that is” Steve Leggett – All Music (USA)

“Doley matches his rock-solid chops with sophisticated songwriting and wraps a class-act production around it” Duane Verth – Roots Music Report (USA)

“Clayton’s material is everything from amazing in a traditional sense to outright mind-blowing” Bill Wilson – Reflections in Blue (USA)

“If you’re a fan of the Hammond Organ, then you need to become a fan of Clayton Doley. He’s totally mastered the instrument” Peter Lauro – Mary4Music (USA)

Don’t miss this opportunity for an up-close & personal performance!

If you’re in Sydney, limited capacity audience tickets available here:



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