Recorded live from MoshPit Bar
on Sat, 25 Jul 2020

Sydney, Australia
#country #rock #roots

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MoshPit Bar Presents…

Brave Old World  (Bronwyn Æather Band) + Darling Vicious Live on MoshPit TV!

Released in April 2020, Bronwyn Eather wrote the songs on this new album specifically with her band in mind. It is her third release since 2015. Having formed in 2018, the band is Paul Vassallo on Slide Guitar, Stan Kadlo on Drums and John Pye on Bass. Bronwyn writes and sings the songs, and plays guitar. The band meets regularly and worked together to arrange each of the songs on this album.

Also referred to as The Bronwyn Æather Band, this outfit is also known as Brave Old World as they launch and play the album. The music has a soft roots feel carried with Vassallo’s eclectic and skilful slide guitar lines, that work so well with the rhythm section and Bronwyn’s wide vocal range.

An early album review from mastering engineer William Bowden described it in this way:

‘Brave Old World by Bronwyn Eather is well named, as the record transports you to some imaginary smoky bar. Once inside it, you find that you can’t keep your eyes (and ears) off the stage.

Organic, moody, and sometimes a dark embrace, as the night unfolds; you leave in the wee hours, uncertain where the time has gone; but knowing you’ll be back.’



DARLING VICIOUS is a 4-piece alt-rock band from Sydney, Australia.

Having outgrown its original intention as a love letter to the darker recesses of Seattle’s grunge movement, Darling Vicious’ music finds its home somewhere between art project, gritty experimental rock band and abstract progressive pop group.

Drawing upon themes of nihilism, surrealism and existential crises, Darling Vicious delivers meticulous, sugar-coated harmonies contrasting with slick guitar solos, odd-metered drum grooves and divergent bass lines. The result conjures memories of Alice in Chains, A Perfect Circle, the works of David Lynch, Radiohead and Tomahawk, Hollywood endings … and bad acid.

Four musicians playing in a rock band, despite being more often than not completely disinterested in the conventions of rock music.

Band Members:
Ella Carstein – Guitar/Vocals
Renee Cobcroft – Drums/Vocals
Simon Dawes – Lead Guitar
Andrew Mortensen – Bass



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