MoshPit Bar, Erskineville

Sat, 05 Sep 2020, 8:00 PM
Sydney, Australia
#experimental #indie #rock



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By popular demand, masters of world punk Balkan Grill team up with those musical merrymakers The LangLangs for a night of fun music and frivolity at everyone’s favourite bar The MoshPit.

Balkan Grill

Cooking up stages for the best part of a decade, Balkan Grill are the quinessential purveyors of World Punk. Mixing original compositions and covers, they have long since been champions of Ex YU punk/new wave, featuring many cover versions in their regular set.

Ned Alphabet – Guitar/Vox

Dr Djura – Bass/B Vox

Johnny Flame – Drums/Vox


Many of us dream of a life of high excitement, international espionage and remorseless shagging. The LangLangs are among the elite few who have the guts to actually live it.

“The LangLangs dig the high-octane kicks you get from waking up to find a Black Mamba gnawing on your tackle or a psychopath trying to plunge an ice-pick into your spleen.” Explains manager Hak Nudstrom. “Rock and roll is their way of relaxing.”

Their stage names – John (bass), Charles (guitar, vocals), Mel (vocals), Michael (guitar) and Derek (drums) – were carefully selected by powerful computers to protect their true identities.


“Don’t let their recent support gig at the Factory Theatre Marrickville with Radio Birdman and the Stems fool you.” Nudstrom elaborates. “The LangLangs might sound like a terrible hybrid of the Rolling Stones and the Saints but their real loyalties lie with the Great Ones. I refer of course to Loverboy. “The LangLangs dig the way Loverboy came from nowhere to disappear as quickly, leaving the public with only a vague memory of a bunch of preening narcissists in red leather trousers. If push comes to shove, this is how The LangLangs want to be remembered.”



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