MoshPit Bar , Erskineville
Sydney, Australia


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Imagine the empty horizon, the wide-open roads. Imagine the heat haze shimmer in the kerosene light of the desert sun, the sound of a wave breaking against a sentinel cliff or the inland flow pushing down the estuary beside a small coastal town, under the bridge then out to the sea. This land beckons, it lies out there, unfolding and rolling, roads and railways and tracks and paths pushing from one Australian coast to another Australian coast, up / down / across.

We may not be able to take those roads right now; we may not be able to feel the tactile surge of landscape meeting the eyeline, the sense of skin feeling the wind that has pushed across thousands of miles of sea or empty land. But it all remains out there, and we hope to give you the sense of all of that … via music, via words and song and vision. An attempt to transport, to spin a yarn or two, to take you out of the “now” of where you are and place you in a “there” of out there, somewhere on the distant road someplace, via a concert featuring sonic cartographers THE AERIAL MAPS along with the aural expeditionary force known as FENTON PROJECT X.

This unique show will seek to provide a unique performance experience with video and installation kind of things occurring, the two bands playing full live-show sets but without a conventional “in situ” audience.