MoshPit Bar , Erskineville
Sydney, Australia


$12.00 includes $1.09 GST



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Stew Gang are just about the greatest band in existence. 2 good lads (occasionally 3) playing searing futurerock at uncomfortable volumes. Jet plane synthesizers, blistering lead guitars, finger-pain bass,

and other intriguing sounds. Well into their 3 year career, the Gang are no amateurs. 6 EP’s, 1 full-length album, and countless ‘other’ songs, testify what these handsome lads are all

about. Frontman Michael Stewart plays keys like no man has seen before. He also sings. Tom Adamson plays guitar, bass, drums, and is the bands producer. Together, the team have created such hits as; ‘Hawaiian Lyin’, ‘White Sheets’ and ‘Girlfriend: Repossessed!’. Still not interested? Ask anyone on the street. They’ll tell you the same.