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What is LUNAR MODULE? Let’s get this out of the way first. We love Electronic Pop, that is what we do and we do it well.

Lunar Module is Ant Banister, Alberto Martinez and Adrian Leppard.

Ant Banister has been involved in the Australian Electronic music scene since 1985 and has worked behind the scenes with such bands as The Mark of Cain, Boxcar and Severed Heads. His previous acts include 90’s hardcore freaks Nanotech, the enigmatic Eidolon, and in 1999 the critically acclaimed album Chai.4.2, with the Flow. Ant is one of the founding members of the Clan Analogue Electronic Arts Collective and is the Sydney label rep and mastering engineer as well as having produced of a number of excellent Clan Analogue compilations. See Ant has been the lead vocalist and producer for Sounds Like Winter since 2013.

Lunar Module initially started in 2001 as a duo playing hard house and electro. In mid 2003 Ant decided to go with his passion and start writing song based electronica with live vocals and classic 80’s electro influences. In 2004 Alberto Martinez joined, bringing his own songwriting and vocal skills on board as well as considerable production talent. Alberto is best known for his work with Neuropa who have 6 full length albums released. In 2010 Albert relocated to Melbourne and eight years later he is back playing and producing full-time for LM.

2010 saw a new start for Lunar Module with Alberto relocating to Melbourne. As a result Peter Davies moved from percussion to guitar/backing vocals, and Morph strapped on the bass while still taking care of the visuals. In addition to this they were joined by Mel Grogan on keys. Mel (aka DJ Tigerlilly) had been active in the underground music scenes of Perth, Melbourne and Sydney for many years. She has been an avid supporter of Lunar Module for some time through her radio show on 2RRR and this combined with her wealth of musical knowledge and DJ support at many of the live shows she earned her the position of keyboardist/vocalist within the band.

Lunar Module contributed regularly to the live music scenes in Sydney and Melbourne – some recent notable gigs including supporting Assemblage 23 at Sydney Uni, the Quake Aid Concert for Tibet at Deewhy, as well as Clan Analogue events such as ‘Bandwidth’ at the Red Rattler in Marrickville. July saw the first Clan artist release by LM in the form of an EP with previously unreleased material. This digital only release was available through all major online music outfits.

After a quiet period 2012 saw LM performing as a two piece a few times a year, with just Pete and Ant. Ant formed Sounds Like Winter in 2013 and then in 2018 Albert returned to Sydney to spark a rebirth of LM, gigging on a monthly basis all over Sydney and getting airplay worldwide, they then released the Light Years retrospective on Bandcamp. Pete started working shifts, so Adrian Leppard was recruited to play guitar.


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