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feedtime made four albums in the 1980s. Initially released by Aberrant Records in Australia, all four were licensed and released by Rough Trade in the U.S. and Megadisc in the Netherlands. The second album, Shovel, received the greatest critical acclaim. The last of these four albums, Suction, was produced by Butch Vig.

feedtime’s sound was loud, primitive, and brutal. The most distinctive musical element is thick, roaring electric guitar, played with a slide, over a thick, chugging rhythm section. This loud but stripped-down, minimalist approach led the band to be compared to the British postpunk band Wire (although feedtime didn’t know Wire’s music), but feedtime’s sound also heavily referenced rural American country and blues. Other influences can be heard on their covers LP Cooper S on which they reinterpret the Rolling Stones and the Animals in addition to punk forebears like the Ramones and the Stooges.

Bruce Griffiths of Aberrant Records describes working with feedtime: “The bands that have given me the most satisfaction to work with … Possibly the most satisfying was feedtime, because they became extremely close friends as a result of working with them, and I guess part of the satisfaction with them was the fact that they achieved recognition; they were licensed to Rough Trade in America, they’re now licensed to Vinyl Solution in England and Europe, to Megadisc in the Benelux countries in Europe, so I guess that was satisfying in the way things happened, and a lot of people as a result of my involvement and us working together came to appreciate this band that I thought was really special.”

feedtime surfaced again in 1994 and 1996, with a different drummer, for a reunion album Billy, released by Black Hole in Australia and Amphetamine Reptile in the U.S.


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